The Alaskan Lore of Sourdough Starter with Recipes: Alaska Sourdough by Ruth Allman

Alaska Sourdough, 1976 (2)

“1976 1st Alaska Sourdough Alaskan Ruth Allman Handwritten Starters 95+ Recipes with Alaskan Stories and Folk Lore”

Sourdough bread is a mainstay in the Alaskan outback. The stories alone in this classic Alaskan Sourdough Cookbook will have you completely fascinated with the Alaskan way of life and stirring up your own sourdough pot.

Here are a few sample recipes to get you started:

Alaska Sourdough Recipe 1

Simplest Method

Start Your Own Sourdough Pot

Start Your Own Sourdough Pot

Alaska sourdough b

Sourdough Bread or biscuits

Have Fun! 

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